How the Traeger Works

All natural wood pellets are poured into the hopper. When you turn the switch the hot rod activates for about 4 minutes, igniting the pellets from the hopper to the firepot where convection air is added, acting like a miniature forge. Heat & wood smoke surround the food resulting in a fantastic taste. Drippings are channeled out of the cooking chamber into an external bucket for easy disposal. Flipping the switch to 450 allows you to grill. 300 you can slow cook. 180 setting allows you to hot-smoke food. In the ‘smoke’ mode, the grill delivers an even smoke to your food without having to tend the fire. Traeger gives you the convenience of gas and the flavour of real wood.

Digital Thermometer Control

The operating temperature of the grill is controlled by a patented electronic control board. The digital thermostat control allows you to set the desired temperature.

The RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) monitors the cooking temperature inside the grill and reports it on the red LED display. When additional heat is needed, the auger is activated to feed the fire and increase the cooking temperature. Using this technology, precise temperatures can be maintained for hours on end.
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